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Full Body & Region of Interest Scans

Visual proof of what you’re feeling.

Thermography is the only method available for visualizing pain and pathology.  It can help provide the answers you’ve been looking for in the diagnosis of unexplained pain.  It can also determine the source of physical pain in one location that is a symptom of a problem in another.

Thermal Scans can determine the extent of injury, as well.  The scan can assess severity of pain by the temperature radiating from affected areas.  In this case, it provides objective agreement or disagreement with an individual’s subjective assessment of the pain.  X-Ray, C.T., Ultrasound, and M.R.I. are all tests of anatomy that locate and measure structures in the body. Thermography is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes, making it a valuable addition to other diagnostic tools.

See your pain in living color.

Stress FractureEXTENT OF INJURY:  Football player with a stress fracture that was not detected with x-ray. Bone scan confirmed Thermographic findings.
Back Neck Headache PainBACK, NECK AND HEADACHE PAIN:  Pain patterns are visible on a Thermal Scan, enabling you to begin targeted care.  Thermography is also an excellent tool for assessing the effectiveness of treatments.
Dental Issues TMJDENTAL ISSUES: Thermographic findings helped confirm diagnosis of TMJ and referral to the appropriate specialist for treatment.  New research being done is proving there is a direct link between oral pathology and systemic disease.  Thermography can see inflammation in the gums, jaw, and lymph nodes alerting you YEARS before you are symptomatic.  This gives you ample time to intervene with targeted care in hopes of changing or avoiding potential problems in the future.
DVTUNEXPLAINED PAIN:  Thermal Scans detected the vascular disease that was causing this patient’s inflammatory pain.  Often times we catch misdiagnosis’ with Thermography.  Let’s make sure we’re treating the correct problem.
ArthritisARTHRITIS:  Thermography can detect and identify the cause of your pain.  In this case, the patient had been suffering left knee pain.  Thermography revealed that the pain was being caused by arthritis. 
Carotid Artery BlockageCARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: This patient’s Thermal scan showed significantly increased heat in the carotid arteries. Further testing revealed a 60% occluded carotid artery. Thermography is a safe, painless, non-invasive medical screening tool that can asses cardiovascular risk factors.

 Thermal Body Scan

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